Quality Management

Providing services of superior quality and delivering a consistent level of excellence is essential in the business and for that reason quality control is something highly valued at All Experts. In order to ensure that all the provided services meet the highest quality standards, control procedures are applied under the company’s Quality Management System which has been certified by TÜV Austria for its Quality Management System according to the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2015, for its Environmental Management System according to the International Standard EN ISO 14001:2015 for its Occupational Health & Safety System according to the International standard EN ISO 45001:2018 and for the competence in activities according to Regulation 2015/2067 regarding to A/C equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The successful completion of projects and the seamless delivery of services rely on the close cooperation of all parties involved (management, personnel, associates, suppliers and clients) as well as on the company’s commitment to:

  • Understanding and satisfying our clients’ expectations.
  • Carefully selecting our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Properly maintaining our equipment and continuously improving our operational procedures and methods.
  • Selecting and training top quality people and establishing a work environment where everyone can develop initiatives and responsibilities.
  • Continuously improving the Quality Management System.