Paper towel dispenser (AUTO CUT)

The advantages of the device which is approved by CE and has conquered the market are:

1.Absolute health 

The function allows contact only with the amount of paper to be used each time. Possible transfer of germs is avoided.

2. Paper economy

  • Controlled flow, when pulling a piece of paper the machine cuts it automatically. The estimated consumption is at least half of the paper consumption of other types.
  • The paper has appropriate diameter use, thus there is no need to use more than one sheet, and its quality is excellent with great absorbency (two-layer).

3. Operates silently

Thanks to the carefully selected materials from which it is made.

4. Compact size

The paper which is used for the device requires half the storage space of the product that is currently used.

5. Environmentally friendly

When using the device, less waste is created.