VIP Mobile Patrol & Emergency Response Services
Psychiko - Filothei - Kifissia

Residential areas with the characteristics of Psychiko, Filothei and Kifissia require extra protection that goes beyond the usual, conventional solutions.

  • External patrolling with equipped vehicle
  • Inspection of the internal perimeter of the exterior space
  • Delivery of special services based on your needs
  • Legally licensed and experienced officers

All Experts Security provides VIP Services of Patrolling and Emergency Response offering you the opportunity to feel safe during the night at your property. Patrolling at night acts as an effective deterrent.

Moreover, we offer you a rapid and secure response to any genuine security breaches.

We work closely with the limited number of clients (VIP) that are serviced by one patrol vehicle. We listen to their needs so that we ensure that our services match their requirements.

Offered services

  • Our officers patrol throughout the night and conduct an external check of your property. The external check encompasses external inspections as well as inspections of the internal perimeter of the exterior space of your property. If they detect any unusual findings they will alert the Control Centre and you will receive an immediate report. Additionally, the officers may carry out special security orders customised to your special needs.
  • Furthermore, they will immediately respond to an alert that the alarm was activated in your property. They will thoroughly check the property and will alert the Greek Police Force. Our officers will remain on site until you are capable of managing the situation.

Officers and vehicles

Patrolling is conducted in line with the specific requirements of each one of our limited customers, by highly trained, legally licensed and uniformed officers in clearly identified vehicles, who will visit and inspect premises at agreed frequencies. They are experienced in your area and have a good understanding of its special character.

VIP Mobile Patrol Services are at present offered in Psychiko, Filothei and Kifissia but soon they will cover other residential areas as well. The services are offered from 22:00 to 06:00, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Experts Security also offers a wider range of security services, including guarding services, security systems and CCTV.

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